• The Aurora Group – Education for Children with Special Needs and disability

    Finlo Frank Group successfully transformed an old local church into a vibrant school designed specifically for children with special needs and disabilities. This remarkable project involved a complete building overhaul, creating tailored learning spaces, ensuring compliance with regulations, and enhancing accessibility for all.

Case Study

The Finlo Frank Group worked their magic on an old local church, turning it into an incredible school for kids with special needs and disabilities. They began by clearing out the entire building and giving it a fresh start.

Upgrades to the structure made sure it was solid and ready for the new mission. Then came the fun part – creating fantastic new classrooms, therapy spaces, and more, all designed to make learning awesome for these special kids.

Finlo Frank Group also made sure the building followed the rules, meeting all the latest regulations for safety and accessibility. They didn’t stop there; they added ramps, elevators, and accessible bathrooms to ensure the school was welcoming for all.

In the end, the transformation was a testament to Finlo Frank Group’s dedication to excellence. They turned a church into a place where kids with special needs could learn and grow, showing their commitment to inclusive education.


  • NIC EIC approved contractor
  • ISO Comply accredited
  • Acclaim
  • Contructline
  • The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme